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Pension Review & Forecast

Pension Review

A pension review is a valuable part of retirement planning, where a pension is examined to determine how well it is performing.

Many accumulated Pension Plans and Deferred Benefits, for example Personal Pensions, deferred Company “Final Salary” Scheme benefits, or Group Stakeholder Plans are the by-product of previous employment, or policies sold long ago and sit unloved and misunderstood.

Putting statements into a filing box, or the “must sort out soon” draw is perfectly normal, yet pays little respect to what can be very valuable numbers contained within – or perhaps not in some cases. Final Salary benefits in particular can look irrelevantly small, especially if you suspect retirement is still many years away, yet this is often not the case.

Now is the time to check your pension!

We can review your pension and answser questions about your pension's performance:

  • What is the current value of each arrangement or benefit?
  • What might the value be at your planned retirement age?
  • Where are they invested and how much risk is being taken?
  • What income might they produce at retirement and what options will they offer?
  • What Death Benefits are payable before retirement?
  • What is your State Pension Forecast?

Our comprehensive Pensions Review and Report will show you, perhaps for the first time, your future Pension benefits in words, numbers and graphs.

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