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Our Clients

Our Clients

We don't work with multi-millionaires, and unfortunately cannot work with paupers, but our new clients will usually have from £100,000 – £500,000 of non-property assets (Pensions, ISAs, Bonds & Savings) or the ability to accumulate wealth from surplus income.

Why Use an IFA?

Taking the leap to share your financial affairs with a third party is a big one. Like our health, we may view money as a personal matter, yet we rarely treat our own illnesses other than very minor ailments. It's about your future plans, aspirations, hopes and fears, what money really means to you? What has been your experience, good and bad of investments and pensions and how can you now shape a comfortable and fulfilling future?

We wish to have conversations with:

Busy People

Too busy running your own business, or managing someone else's, making money, but with little time or motivation to organise your own financial affairs. Your financial matters lack control, with no budgeting, hap-hazard saving and no real plan or specific goals.

Existing investments, pensions and savings have not been reviewed in years.You wish to retire one day, maybe soon, but have little idea when that can realistically be, or how much income you will enjoy when you do so.

People Approaching Retirement

Retirement may be as close as a few months or even weeks away, or as far as 20 years away, but it's time to make plans and decisions on the lifestyle required, the future cost of essentials and luxuries.

How will you draw a sustainable income from existing assets, investments, savings and pension arrangements, how much risk is required, or can be tolerated?

DIY Investors

The internet has revolutionised the way we live, including the way we arrange our investments and savings, whilst the press and other media devote more time and space to money matters; however, such freedom and self-sufficiency brings risks.

Very often “must-have” funds are advertised and pushed hard, typically after they have already enjoyed a period of out-performance.

Funds following fads and fashions such as Technology, Gold, Environmental themes, China or Global Infrastructure are often sold off the page or on the web, the accumulated ‘portfolio' that builds over time rarely reflecting, other than by luck, the overall risk profile and financial needs of the holder.

We bring a holistic approach to existing assets, helping to achieve a more rational mix of assets, closer aligned to long-term goals, risks and aspirations.

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We offer an initial meeting at no cost to you, in your own home or place of work, and without obligation, to discuss your goals, aspirations, existing financial position and how we may bring some help and clarity. If you wish to meet, please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

We provide Independent Financial Advice to private individuals and business owners in Purley, Coulsdon, South Croydon and surrounding areas, with a key focus on Retirement Planning.