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Retirement Planning

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We provide fee-based Independent Financial Advice in Purley, Coulsdon, South Croydon and surrounding areas, with a key focus on Retirement Planning. We will help you achieve a comfortable and fulfilling retirement by beginning work with you during one of three distinct phases:

Pre-Retirement – Asset Accumulation

Age 40-55, this is the time to conciously build assets to provide future retirement income, typically Pension Plans and Schemes, both current and from past employment, ISAs, Investment Bonds and other types of Savings. Other assets may include Investment Properties, the value of a Business or your Main Residence, with a view to downsizing at retirement.

Now is the time to understand how your future retirement looks financially and to make any necessary changes to put your plans on track.

In addition, it is important to protect your wealth and standard of living for you and your loved ones from the consequences of long-term illness, disability or death.

At Retirement – Income Options

Age 55-65, it is time to make major Pension and Investment decisions, such as:

  • Do you buy an Annuity or draw a Retirement Income from your Pensions?
  • How can you position your Investments and other assets in the most tax-efficient way, with a suitable level of risk?
  • When is your State Retirement Pension due and how much will it be?
  • Do you have any health issues that may allow purchase of an Impaired-Life Annuity?
  • How can you protect your wealth and income from inflation?

There is so much to consider… The options chosen at this stage, especially regarding your Pensions, will have lasting consequences for many years to come as life expectancy continues to grow. Independent Financial Advice is essential to achieve the most suitable outcomes.

In Retirement – Security and Legacy

Post retirement you may be investing for income, seeking to protect the real value of your savings from inflation or wish to consolidate a significant number of different plans, accounts and shares into a more manageable, tax-efficient and risk-measured portfolio. In addition to maintaining income for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement, it is important to consider your legacy, your help and support for children or grand-children and how to minimise the tax payable on your death.

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